First Day of College

now that inititaions officially over, my life as a college student officially starts.
and tomorrow is going to be my COLLEGE PREMIERE. but i have 1 crucial problem on my shoulder.
I am not ready wimma Outfit.

You have to note that medical is THE place of smart, rich and good-styled people gathering together. I saw my senior carrying chanel 2.55 (idk like where was her laptop? where was her notebook?) and i saw my friend carrying a 3000$ last fall Pink louis vuitton. JEALOUS?
i heard rumours tat my senior would even go to hongkong to get the latest IT pieces from the IT designers. AND noone is wearing THE SAME clothes everyday, so...
how am i going to keep up with that?
as a freshman i need to keep my outfit understated. I am so not allowed to upstage the seniors, as i told you 2 entries before, they won't like it. And we, freshman, also not allowed to bring cars. so i guess im going to be drop-and-pick for the next 1 year. Medical parking-lot is notorious as an outdoor luxurious cars showroom.
Since JEANS and SNEAKERS and any kind of casual clothing (including shorts for girls) are so banned, i guess that makes half of my closet Useless for my college life.
so Tonight, i am going to stock my self with Cotton-Mix slim-fit Pants, A shit load pair of decent lace ups, and also a shit load of Collared Top (we hafta wear collared-top, any kind of top with collar is fine since T-Shirt is against the rule).
i wish i could go to my campus looking like this

no. I need to hold myself not be sooo notably fashion-forward just for a year!
But i do think that a decent bag is a basic human right for us freshman, especially if the bag looks like this
Align Center
hmmm DELIC.
ready or unready i hafta be ready.
wish me luck.


L. said...

" i wish i could go to my campus looking like this "

Then why don't you ?
Little leather cartables are very classy

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