yes waiting is def a bitch

finally. after almost a month of waiting, The Sartorialist book that i pre ordered at amazon finally arriveeeeddddd, 1 week ago. It was so funny i did not even recognize the brown packaging because i was busy with initiation. I would not even see the thing if my father hadn't mentioned it to me.

well. ive finished reading all it. three times.
the pictures are fantastic majestic and a little too much of them. At first i expect it to be full of words and illustration wit just some of his shoots. But it turns out tat most of the pages are pictures anyway. Its OK, because i keep on finding something new everything i reread the book. It is a perfect reference for my college outfit because i found so many looks tat i could copy and i could rock at campus.
Highly recommended for those who live the life of street style sartorial.


The Starving Stylist said...

I think i just might have to pick up this book for myself too! Thanks for the review!


i ditto that..might go pick this one up at the Housing Works Bookstore in Soho..all proceeds go to aids research awareness etc. Read and give win :)

mel said...

ah im so jealous!!i want it

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