le hair!

marc jacobs is giving me a wee bit of headache at this moment. It is both a good type of headache and a bad one. the bad one is, i'm not realllly a big fan of his latest collections (marc by MJ fall/winter 2010) because to me they are just a yawn yawn wa wa. (some pieces are magnificent of course, but in general they just don't make sense to me. at all. and please don't hate me for this!) and the good one, i love how marc did his male models hair. it's sort of like messy bangs in the front and a morning-after kinda hairdo in the back. Maybe he was trying to reinvent the notorious "mullet" in an edgy modern kinda approach. and it werqed! magically!
still remember the picture of the 'bowl hairdo guy' i posted a couple months ago? Well i think this whole marc jacobs hairdo mayhem is inspired by the 'bowl hairdo guy' on one morning after a hugeass party 5months after he got his bowl hairdo. That would explain the messy bangs in the front and the morning-after hairdo in the back, no? just sayin.
while im writing this post, im kinda trying to picture myself in that hairdo, and when the time comes (which is when my hair is long enough) i wish i would already be able to picture myself werqing the look with no quirkiness whatsoever. fingers crossed, toes crossed, buttcheeks crossed.

sayonara mcqueen

this is devastating!! there are many ways to end it, lee, but not like this. you're on top of your game. and now i keep on asking, just like everyone else, WHY?

but trust me, there are gonna be runways to wherever you're going. lets take a moment of silence.

he was 40.

camera ready

i have killed my hobby for quite a while now, and somehow i want to revive it for the holidays ive been 'blessed' with. I only need a few additional 'gears' to boost up my mood, cause my old one is just way too standard. just standard. thing is, a good photographer should not be measured by their 'gears' but their 'skills' instead. It's gotten into everyone's skin. It's pretty hard here in bali to just kinda shoot people around without having them looking at you like you're a kind of wacko-freak with bad purposes. You know, the "hello? i dont wanna be shot, get lost. shoo" kinda look. but you know what? WHATEVAHHH.

what the hale am i afraid of, its not like im trying to do anything remotely bad rite?
my nikon has been sleeping for a bit too long. it's time to rise and shine, my little dawg. Lets hit those streets and pa pa parties.

12 : 14

i don't know why, but i just feel like im so not myself this past 3 hours i spent browsing over reviews on iPad. yes, iPad. no, not your mums' iPads. You've probably heard of it somewhere between your days because if you haven't.... get out!
And i spent that 3 hours only to find that iPad is actually no better than iPhone. thoughts?
As some wack-jokes would say "yo momma so fat she uses an iPad as an iPhone"
i ended up obsessing over THIS
those sunnies and those dries!

cobra attack

it was 5pm already when my girls called me and told me that steve aoki was in town with thecobrasnake to spin the table over at klapa. Rawr. I was uber tired at that time because i just had my new years fuckass party the night before and i have class the next day. but DAMN. Im sorrry but im just not going to let my girls get all the fun while im poorly caged at home drowning over books and shits.
we met MARK of course, and he snapped like, 20 pictures of us, while he was handing us not just one, or two, or three, but TWELVE free stickers. whoa. big thanks.

oh what a night! it was amazing. i love aoki, hes obviously one of the best djs ive danced to in my life. and mark, oh how we love mark and his selby bags full of toxiicc treasures! and As you can guess, the next day i came to class fashionably beyond late half sleeping half dancing.

im back!!

i know. i know.
i've been gone for way too long now. I mean what else could i do? i go to medical, and i have to sacrifice my life for it.. whatever. And i look dreadful atm, dreadful i say. My eyes are all raccooned due to late night date with books and papers and essays, oh so much LOVE it's not even funny. I don't even deserve my 8hours-of-beauty-sleep anymore, just because 3 is the new 8. And now that i've been blessed with a month of holiday, i will try to remember the things that i wanted to do but didnt have the chance to and start doing it rrrite na.
so who's with me?
well i know she is!

Dark Lady

Having learned the history of medicine, now i know the unjustified contribution of Rosalind Franklin on inventing the basic structure of the DNA.. The nobel was awarded to Watson and Crick only.
The unsung hero.
this post is dedicated to you, Rosy.
may you always be The Dark Lady of DNA

Speaking of DNA,we human, 99,5 % of our genes are actually similar to each other. It is the 0,5% that differs us.
scary huh? how u look in the mirror thinking 'hey i 99,5% look like Luke Worral, except that my noses bigger, my eyes wider, my thighs even much bigger and my face is not exactly angular and so on and so on"
just saying. ha