Major Pain in the Ass

I am going to go OFF the online world(twitter facebook blogger google everything) now because my medical initiation starts....... TOMORROW!
Holy S. My heart has been beating endlessly since yesterday. I have no Idea what my seniors are going to do to me, no idea abt what are they going to do to poor old me for 2 weeks. 2 TORTUROUS WEEKS.
The written tasks (including lots of daily papers in english and latin, lots of PowerPoints, lots of Analysis) might not published yet... but we've seen the unwritten 'RULES' of med-In Pinned on the unseen announcement board.
there are only 3 simple rules.
1. Seniors are ALWAYS right
2. Every freshmen MUST obey the seniors.
3. if Seniors make mistake go back to rule #1.

you're right.
were doomed.

Denims and Shorts and Sneakers and flipflops are BANNED in my campus.
We are only allowed to wear lace-ups and trousers and stuff. He's the perfect example of my campus daily outfits... my seniors outfits.
we, freshman, are so not allowed to upstage the seniors outfits.NEVER. they won't like it. they'll come to you and say rite to your face out loud ' WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, LOSER?'.
just wish me the best of luck.


The Starving Stylist said...

wow. . .thats rough.
Best of luck, but regardless no matter what one tells you, you shouldn't have to sacrifice your sense of style and being to fit in. be yourself and take care :)

maria Rahajeng said...

gosh. i love it. keep doing the good work ! :D

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