Model Off Duty - strawberry yogurt in oberoi. WTF?

DT. Being 1 of my model and best friend. We've been best friends since 1st grade. Such an old hag we are! I mean, we are on a level of friendship when we are able to complete each other sentences. In other words, we already know each other way of thinking. Scary huh? It is always fun to hangout with him (even sometimes he gets all fussy about his outfit, like GET A GODDAMN GRIP girl..) because we will always have something to talk about. Mostly people. HA! So sorry lord fer we always make fun of people. But hey it IS fun to make fun of people. No. It is not. okay you bloody retard. Anyway, regardless all the confusion and the fashion 101 emergency, at the end of the day, he will pull off everything that he wears with confident and fierceness.

Anyway, we were trying to fetch some fiercely-styled people in oberoi street.Usually, I would be the photographer and DT would assist me on the interview. But unforrrrrtunately, we were unfortunate. DUH. We didn't see THAT much good-styled people.Partly, because we hit it wayy too late (they were all of preparing themselves for dinner) and the rest because everyone was being SO DAMN casual in beachwear. like HELLO?? we know its summer but at least put some effort to LOOk good you moron!

But all of a sudden out of nowhea emerged this FIERCE lady. In her tulip dress and caged gladiator. I immediately run for the diamond and scream "excuseeeeeee moiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii". Lame, i know. To cut the story short. That lady was soooooooooo cooooooool she smiled and laughed and said "i'm sorry i don't like people taking my picture. SO SORRY..".

This is how she pretty much looked like. Thats fine ladyy. i LOVE yer outfit. LOVE LOVE LOVE. u verked it! It's been a while since the last time i ever sketched. It's been a long long while. My anatomy teacher WOULD be so damn mad to see this. I'm SO sorry miss DD. Love you. drive safe!


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