oh MADNESS MADNESS - The September Issue ; Documentary Of Vogue Notorious 07 September Issue and the Woman behind it all, Anna Wintour.

My eyes are all teary while im writing this.
HOLY MOLY the September Issue, a documentary about the 07 sept issue of USA Vogue that weighed nearly 5 pounds, wit almost 400 pages of fashion AND the brain and beauty behind the great issue, ANNA WINTOUR (Currently USA Vogue editor-in-chief).
Possibly the MOST highly anticipated movie in my entire LIFE.
will be released August 28th of 2009.
click for Movie Trailer!!!

my fav quotes:
Anna is like Madonna - Thakoon

September is the January in fashion

i CANNOT wait to see how ANNA rules the 30billion dollar of fashion industry! She is UBER fabulous. And watching the trailers instantly demolished EVERY EVERY bad statement dictated to my Anna. Naomi was rite all along, you can't judge a book by its cover. Sometimes you can, but on anna the book is covered with lux and diamonds. Who to blame?
i delay my paris fashion week review for now cuz the web went thru the 404 gate of error idk wat happened.
chao belle


preppygoesrock said...

cant wait for this to come out!
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Citizen Couture said...

Holy! That's the biggest Vogue magazine I've seen!




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