Lost In frikken Translation

Hitting the street can be rough sometimes. Specially when you encounter people who just DON'T speak english with no reason. That what happened to me when me and my fella hit the oberoi street in hopes of finding some ferocity down there.
It was near 12 p.m, the sun literally burned us up. We were SO xhausted we had been wandering the street like almost 5 friken times. I got so annoyed coz DT wouldn't stop asking for more strawberry yogurts and Fonny got all fussy about getting sunburned i was like SHUT THE HELL UP i AM EXHAUSTED TOO LIKE Ya'll DO.
And that was when i saw this fantabulez lady lookin oh so CHIC in her empire dress and a pair of comfy havaianas. But what i liked most about her was how her hair kinda peeked out underneath her wide-trimmed sunhat. She had that hair similar to what agyness deyn has. We obviously hurried ourselves to approach her. She was with her Husband/BF.
The conversation went pretty much like this.

Manandboys: Xcuse me! Hy im a fashion blogger, and im out looking for good styled people on the street and i think your get up is super chic and fierce, and i would love to feature you in my blog. So, can i get a shot?
BF: (muttering in other language to the lady)
Manandboys: (jaw dropped)
Lady: (looked surprised) ah.. No(muttering in other language to ME)
Manandboys: eh. what? oh. No? aw that is fine. Iam sorry to bother you. bye.
BFandLady: smile but looked confused and muttering in other language again.
Manandboys:er..bye!! (immediately leaving the spot)

anyway click!

I had a feeling that the lady's BF could actually speak english but somehow he didn't want to speak in english WTF.
SO again. I'll just sketch her. Lady, i have to say, your getup was uber chic in everyway.

what do u guys think huh?


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