Super Exclusive Review : Knowing

Its so unlikely of me to go to the cinema on saturdays (the costs insane).Yesterday was supposed to be my then-french course place Fete De la Musique(Music Festival) in which i was planning to attend but my friend kinda canceled in the last minute leaving me wit noshit to do on the weekend. how pathetic.
So instead i went watchin my my other girls pinky and indah.
KNOWING. o em jee so fabulous.
just c-uh-licklick

The beginning of the movie was kinda creepy, exposing this phsyco student(beautifully named Lucinda Embry) who could hear scary whispers. And then it was drawing class. When the other pupils were busy sketching things like robot and spaceship (oh, just so u kno, this scene dates back in the '59 i kinda confused like why on earth do they have any idea about how a robot looked like) lucinda engaged herself in making mysterious rows of random cryptic numbers. ew. creepy. And 50 years later, John Koeslters'(nicolas kurungan alias nicolas cage) son, caleb, got the notes that lucinda made. After a few failure attempts, nicolas finally discovered the hidden message inside lucindas scribble. The numbers apparently encode precies dates,death tolls AND coordinates of every Major Major disaster tats happened in the last 5 decades. AND it also foretold 3 more additional disaster tats yet to happen.

I bitterly have to say, the effect was TERRIFYING, specially the PLANE CRASH oh my god imagine a 10000ft plane maneuvering towards yerself in SUCH a high velocity. uh oh theres no turning back ladies. SO REAL!!! 1 thing i remorse watchin this movie was (again) the ending. IT was GROSS and OH SO BAD. I mean, the hey-people-this-is-the-end-of-the-world-now-save-ur-asses part was surely magnificent but, producer u need alot to explain, Nicolas didnt have ta die did he? i HATE it when the main role of the film just DIE so weakly. such a bad bad badass ending.


the movie gave a clear preview of how would this earth meet its death. A solar flare. rite. Y kno tat our beloved sun constantly xploding radiation in its surface ait? well, in this movie, apparently the xplostion went WAYYY BEYOND the M.I.T professors hd xpected, it reached the earth. OUCH. and the earth just u kno BURNED in a blink of an eye. I mean of corse there were exaggerations here and there. but surely GOD knows a better way to destroy our mother earth than a solar flare ait?
like maybe GOD shalt produce a 12inch Loubutin Stilletos Rain or GOD bombs every Louis Vuitton factory and the LV speedy bag just scattered allover the place and all the loubutins stab our head and everyone dies in Luxury....

If my review is unsatisfying (which is totally true) u can go and watch the movie yerself, fell the thrill and find out that life is just a string of random accident and biological mutaion.
chao belle!


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