Editorial anyone? be my guest!

Ya remember tt I posted an entry about how my models love my blog, well, theres actually more of the picts than those 3 i posted. These picts below are hilghly editorial, with quotes taken mostly frem nina garcias "the One hundred" book (fabulous fabulous MUSTVE book) and the rest are strictly naomi campbells (my male model see her as his role model, so i kinda tucked some of the things she'd said during a random interview with carlos). In this black-background project, i really want to accentuate natural black and white fashion photography in its own right. I never find neither black or white as a color. Black and White are Black and White. They have their own road, taking no other colors turn. When everbody claims a color is the new that color, black and white remain the same. Black and white also resemble classic and timeless style. And ain't nothing beats a classic style. NOTHING. naff said.

ah. Loving em. Im gon give ya'll the raw copies fer ya'll to be uploaded on facebook! And definately more projee to come. Before i end this entry i wanna say somethin, it's always been a fun and fabulous time shooting you guys, but i hope next time we can do it a hellota better than this.


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thaxxx benji and gals.

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