Summer Beaches Alert : Sanur

In the name of GOD i hereby declare that summer has successfully made her way into my head and my life and my being. WATEVSS. summer is HERE dude, i mean, its started! my fabulous summer.
Call yer travel agents N.O.W and book BALI as one of yer summer-destinations. Trust me, you WONT regret it.
Anyway, sanur is JUST 1 outta many many beaches that i Laff dearly and passionately. Even tho i aint gon spend all summer hangin around at the beach like wat i did last year (i got SO burned i was like so black my mom went "who's SON are you??"), but i just feel like i hafta reveal it all out to the world so that people(especially JASON MRAZ) have a clear INSIGHT of wat BALI truly is..

i mean, aint em FIERCE?
ah i just cant WAIT to hit tha waves.
and oh, aunt katy perry one day sang,
"you need spf 45, just to stay aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
so rite!


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