Angelic Kids ................... Not

A cute yet lethal genetically mutated boy.
Show him some respect!
Name : Red - y (read : red - ee)
Place and Date of Birth : 30th of January 2098 (yeah. He teleported frem the future)
Fav Color : Metallic (Babies in the future are accustomed to highly structural metallic wardrobe in contrast to nowadays kids who can only wear soft cotton in pastels)
Fav Food : Happily eats everything eatable (Phone and Pen included)
Likes : Morning cereals, collecting used straws, spongebob squarepants, beating the keyboard with the mouse, Baygon anti-mosquitos spray-on, and a long long sad and audible cry. after shiting on his pants.
Dislikes : Everything hot (myself included), Britney Spears (for being weirdly bald), Nokia N70 (fer some reason he likes to keep kicking the shit until it gets so busted), TV commercial, Squidward, and Manohara (yeh.. rite..).
Future Hope : Joining the Power Ranger squad as the Tye-Dye ranger and build an underground headquarter and destroy every villains conquering the world.
See him 20 years from now : sitting all day all night working for mark zuckerberg.

seriously. he aint something you wanna mess with.


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