High School Musical 3 : Senior Years the great review. naah

Not just another Shit Disney Channel Movie. It's more and more than that!! Owh. And u guys can defo find some PROM inspiration. click click!!

neway. I'd like to offer my Big-o-thank to Galih for lending me this movie. It's NOT even him. ahhaha bad-ol-habit lendin other peoples shit. So not recommended. Anyway.
I've seen so many bad reviews about this movie.. but IMO this movie is SUCH a breath of fresh air... I mean i've been inhaling O2 since ferever but this HSM 3 is a whole new different substance ya can pour to yer Lung.
Naff the yada yada.
Of corse, papa, the movies still starred by the notorious couple Troy and Gabriella or we can just say Troyella and all of his entourage (including my Fav the Twin Sharpay and Ryan). OMG. the soundtracks were AWSOME i could just DANCE and SING while im shittin on the toilet. Theyre Catchy but yet Sooooo dynamic and they just stuck in yer head. My fav is of COURSE "now and never" , and then, "i want it all" and the prom song and then the Troyella's duet. Unlike any other movies that ive watched, this movie NEVER struck me wit bad feelings that u get when the drama and the problem starting to emerge.but Oh would i KNO how Lame and Cliche (like A secret rendezvous on the Rooftop wit Troy in a tux jacket and Gab in a floral dress, how cliche is THAT?) the problem mite be, A Disney Channel Movie will OBVIOUSLY have a HAPPY ENDING . Note that. AAALLWAYYSSS and its the BEST ending you can get in a movie. You guys shud know that a Lil tooo happy ending is not good, ya kno..
ANYWAY. Sharpay NEVER fail to bring smile to my FACE. she is soo funny and gorges. One of my Fav line of her is.

Given that Wildcat JUST won the Season's Game
Sharpay : "Hey Troy, when's yer BIG game??"
Troy : "uh.. yesterday?"
Sharpay : "Well, Goodluck!!" (go the hell away in her fierce pink boots)
don chu just LOVE sharpay?? gurl better werq it.
ANYWAY. This movie also reminds me of my own life cuz im actually a senior and soon to be graduated and off to college. whatevs.
and if You guys haven't found the PERFECT suit for Smansa's Graduation Party, you can watch the movie and take a closer look to the boys(in the movie) getting ready fer Prom. Mite find yerself a nice fit there.. who knows?
Okay im gonna be a lil lebay now, but THANK U SO MUCCCCH HSM3 for MAKING MY DAY. I mite not be good at scoring but fer ya i'll give EVERY STARS ever created out there.. just for HSM 3.


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