The truth about Diamond is more breathtaking than ever!

HOLY mother Dina lindsay and batman make a porno. What in hell could this shit possibly be? READ more fer MOAR and MOAR story!

Holy jama lama. I was strollin down the sanur boulevard by the beach when all of a sudden out of gods ass wat could only be described as the gr8est Architectural Monument ever built since Garuda Wisnu Kencana apparently found himself mutilated into several pieces..
BEHOLD to Bali's most fabulous party place. Sit down tight and relax. get a vodka shot and go to heaven.
From my typical Conan Edogawa observation this place (or rather 'this thing') is some kinda venue to hold important ceremony. Like SBY's birthday or Julia Perez's wedding? neway. i WOULD LOVE to have a party in there. its too fabulous. the Almost see-thru wall glass the interior and mainly the Exterior. OMG i need my H2O down my throat NOW. mayB i should celebrate me getting into Pre-Med here ait? i wonder how much wud it cost. a billion ? maybe?
here are the snaps snaps snaps that i took.
dont chu just LAFF the reflection of the thing over at the pool? and the reflection of the tree on that thing? ah.. HEAVEN!


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