John Galliano Spring Summer 2010 - playful ethnic.. man in flower truban, they want some prada SS 07 moment.

first of all. im IMPRESSED with john galliano fer his effort in creating an extreme transformations on the models to actually make them look like theyve been buried fer 100 years in the sahara and now ready to shake and take part in the wildly rotating cycle of fashion. in their turbans.

We can never question galliano's impeccable work.If He wants to transform a model, He'll do it flawlessly. Now, the image above shows a guy, probably Indian, with an olive skin and flashing eyes. But who is he EXACTLY? anyone knows? raise your hands!
he's cole mohr. shocking eh? it is shocking. as in 'what? he's cole mohr. okaayyyyyy. wait. hold on.."
anyway, flicking thru the images of his latest collection kinda reminds me of the infamous turban moment of prada SS 07. But on galliano the turbans way higher and less silky and prolly way more chic. agree? no offense auntie prada. We love you.

Prada SS 07 dashing silk turbans - photo credit

John Galliano SS 10 - the models verking the turbans.

ain't no fancy galliano without his faboul-ass string of models in panties and underwear, which gives a kinda can't-tear-yer-eyes-away effect. to everyone. rite?

My Favorite?
evereh single piece is my favorite. everything.


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