The emerging Kiddo's Band

I skipped gym today, cuz i wasn't feeling so great to hit 30 mins of treadmill and 30 mins of bike and some more weights. I had a flu. And the best way to overcome it is to take a good long rest. Watching the tellies is ,obviously, my definition of a good and long rest. I went thru the channels over and over and the ohgodforbid RADJA CILIK band played on the now-happening music playlist program on SCTV or Indosiar i forgot.

It was awful i dunno WHY did raja torture this kids for the sake of i dont know what in the first hand. And they COULDNT SING! im telling you it was awful. bleh. I could tell that they were Lip-singing by the fact that the 4 years old guitarist didnt even TOUCH the strings. WTF kiddo!! make effort!! And also seeing such toddlers already got their hair DYED made me wanna p-uke-uh. HUEK.
And, to make matters worse, the band that played after Radja Cilik was no better, PANGERANKU. Apparently they share the same management. Radja Cilik and Pangeranku.. ah. my flu got worse and worse.

OF course my favorite kiddo band is the Lucky Laki.

I love the 'Superman' song. My gym featured it over and over until it stuck on my head. Theyre fabulous and they can sing and they really played the instrument! and their videomusic are awesome. FULL-ON fish eye start to end. Good Job Ahmad Dhani!


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