Jean Paul Gaultier Spring Summer 2010 - the gender game

JPG always finds some way to break the great berlin wall between menswear and womenswear.
This time he sends down the model in a denim bustier. AND a plaid skirt.
In his menswear fashion show.
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God knows what in hell was he thinkin'.
I reallly don't understand the 'importance' of the pieces in man's way of dressing up. No one would wear it for THE SAKE of looking good and fashionable. Not even the gayest man alive would. Well of course i've witnessed guys with skirts before. But at that moment he was in a band. a rock band. and rockstars have always known for their eccentric style dont they? so that doesn't really count.
But what about us? we people who worship personal style as much as god. A bustier will NEVER be expressing who we are as a boy or a man or anything in between.
But some of the pieces are faboul-ass of course.
like this look. love the gloves!

naff said!


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