Bank Mandiri went OFF my anger went SO ON.

EW. I've been waitin for this day ta come.. they day when i finally got my own ATM card. The day when fiercing hand to yer Momma and loudly say "gimme money" no longer exist. BUT why on earth can a BANK, namely a HOUSEHOLD BANK went OFFLINE due to "immaculate Error Server". For batman's sake, they told me to wait and wait fer hours and when i finally got it, shit, they informed me plainly "can't be used til tomorrow honey".
I SPENT the WHOLE ENTIRE NIT doin LIST-TO-BUY and now i have to wait (AGAIN) fer another torturous 24hour? Thx god my patience wasn't wearing THAT thin so i could pull myself together NOT to shout to any of the Customer Service. I mean it's not their fault is it? who to blame....
Whatevs. Im just gon listen to Friendly Fires - Paris


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