ShaneDawson TV - I'm Sick of Twilight and Susan Boyle and apparently iPhone. hes gonna make yer day!!

God. have u ever heard of Shane Dawson? He's prolly the most Productive you tube-Rs ever. He's well known fer fierce and str8-to-point opinion into watever he wants to testify but mainly about World Phenomena. Like Twilight and Susan Boyle.
click for SUPER HILARIOUS VIDEO from Shane Dawson. Seriously, i couldn't help myself now i really look like a wierdo Loser laughin my ass so loud in warnet.

I mean seriously those crazy footage of Edward And bella.

Edward: Bella.. I Have to tell you something
Bella: What?
Edward: I'm leavin you
Bella: Is it because im human and youre a vampire and our love is impossible?
Edward:(str8 forward) NO. its becoz ur unattractive. Kinda look like a man. u have literally no ass. your hair looks like a bunch of pubic hair glued on yer head. Birds mistaken it for a nest all the time. and yer SO FUCKED up and Gapped teeth like a prolly crack beer opener(?) on yer teeth.
Bella: wat..?

I mean how can u NOT laugh to THAT!!

No one ever seen y'know. someone so UGLY. someone so Physically disgusting n gross, win something SO BIG. And she was like this big Hairy Vagina upthere onstage. She was Americas Hairy vagina.

GOD Forgive him fer stating ta quote to Susan Boyle.
i Mean watevs. HE's SO DAMN FUNNE. gotta watch the whole video then.


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