SPOTTED! Prince William In Rome for Champions League Final

Prince William the British royalty were attending the Champions League in Rome to throw his weight behind the United. Aw. He was like invited by the Football Association and Seen seated on the V.I.P Row(Obviously) along wit The King Carlos Of Spain. Ooooh that was just too much fer him. Flyin his ass(oops. sorry yer highness. shud i just rephrase it into arse? makes no difference? no? ok.) all the way to spain to witness Manchesrita Unetido beaten by Barcuanittololina? Isn't he an Aston Villa fan? Pictures below showing him pattin Rooneys back after barcas victory. It is clearly written in his face "yeh rooney ya did a Gr8 job. now get yerself a good can of beer and let it go." and EW. whos THAT old hag tryna kiss christiano Ronaldo?

Never been a big fan of football and his friends but i can tell that the MU fans got such a MAJOR enthusiasm but it was just toooo bad barca won. But judgin by wat the komentator of RCTI had said i think that barca deserved to win cuz they played gr8ly.

Again and Again the Hooligans never stop screwin the shit outta the polices ass. But you prolly know that Football, Loss, Alcohol, and Violence tend to travel hand in hand. Specially in Indonesia. AIT? such a shame.

No. I am not a fan of barca nor M.U but theres somethin about the winner at the moment they hold their trophy high up above into the blue sky that makes my eyes all tearyy(Lebayy). i Don't know. the feelings so strong, i can feel their happiness their pride their hardwerq and it sends a wee bit of electric jolts runnin down my spine(Lebayy Part.2).. I just Love the WINNER. I just love whoever gets to win because i Totally believe the winners the best. I dunno bout the Losers tho(no offense!) but in this case i believe that MUs still billed as the sexiest most talented football team across Europe. RIght??

Nice rose tatoo there! haha


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