Exclusive! Graduation Party Dresscode Madness. a suit or a batik?

No. Its not too early to be buzzin about what im going to wear to SMANSA's Graduation Party. I know that the shits gon be on the 15th of june, but DUH it takes a lot of preparation (or fashion people would say: prevision) and before you know it, tommorow IS the 15th of june.
As you guys have prolly known, the dresscode for the party can be either batik or a suit. Well, personally, its not a hard option i can definitely WERQ both of the looks. BUT because its the friggin last day of skool i want to pull the best outta my ass so ive gotta pick the more glamor and more fierce one, which is the suit.
But a new problem emerges.And the 1 billion question is, WHAT type of SUIT am i gon wear?????
all the images were taken from the 1 and only style.com

Burberry Prorsum F/W 2008
The british style suits have a super slim silhouette. With a straight almost skinny pants. Theyre also RICH in fabric texture and fully layered. so very London. i WILL NOT pull this look cuz i aint skinny and my thighs r as big as Tyra Banks nose.

Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 09
Calvin Klein Collection by Francisco Costa S/S 09
American, they are HIP. They have alot of styles depending on the occasion and the designer that created the suits. Want a classic look? go for calvin klein. Or a more downtown NYC grungy look? marc jacobs would suit ya. well, what about graduation party?

Giorgio Armani S/S 09
Theres a classic quote that says "no one cuts like they (italian) do". Italian have known to be the BEST suit maker all over the world. The precise CUT, the sharp and clean look, the fabrics used, everything! Some people even say that Italian was the first to introduce a pressed suite wit 4 layers of fabrics and furing. Italian for graduation anyone? La Dolce Vita anyone?


Lanvin S/S 09
Yves Saint Laurent S/S 09
Yves Saint Laurent S/S 09
French are CHIC. Every essential style from every major fashion capitals shows on those suits. Theyre very CLEAN and but not too business-like, RAZOR SHARP witot shifting the whole silhouette. AND theres a nice touch of art to every suit too ya kno!(oh and if u guys r wondering about hawta pronounce Yves Saint Laurent its not "ives saynt lauren" its "ivs sang loRang"

I Personally would go for a rather soft tailoring (a blazer over a T-shirt) but Grad Party is more formal than i tot it was so basically soft tailoring is outta the list. You guys should prolly know by now that whether an event is formal or not can be determined by what the guys are wearing. If the guys are wearing a suit with A TIE(note this) then it shud be formal. A tie is like an icon fer formality. So get yerself a fierce tie now.
images below are taken from Sartorialist.com

And wearing a batik... uh. i DONT know about that.. its hard for me to werq a Batik look cuz in batik i would look SO DAMN OLD and people would think that im on my way to Kondangan Orang Kawen. But i kinda expect that most of the students would opt for batik as its the safest road..

I might NOT YET know what to wear to Grad Party, but 1 thing im sure gon be wearing is a bowtie.


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