SPOTTED! Katarzyna Dolinska ANTM Cy.10 on Vogue Australia April 2009 Editorial Spread

JESUS CHRIST. Maria lent me her april of 09 vogue when i flippin thru the pages i saw this gorges Models i was thinkin " wow she looks like katarzyna from ANTM cycle 10" and then Maria told me, "SHE IS KATARZYNA DUH". I was like "WHAT?"
For an ANTM girl to get a WHOLE magz, not just a glossy fashion magz its a FRKIN VOGUE, Fashion Editorial Spread is HUGE. But later i also found that Katarzynas currently on contract with Ford Model EUROPE. hello? Wanna be on TOP Tyra? you don't have to WIN ANTM to actually be exist in the cruel world of modelling industry, u just gotta WERQ it. and u gotta be skinny tyra, not FAT LIPPy ew. no.
Katarzyna makeover in ANTM, still oblivious of her future success.
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After all. SHE IS such a jaw-droppin Russian Beauty rite? Tyra, such a WRONG WRONG move to eliminate her so early. Katarzyna shuda WON and GET ON TOP. and u picked that piggy whitney. Well, i love whitney tho.. the only chick that i hate on Cy.10 was FATIMA. u GHETTO. get the hell outta my sight ya think ya can BEAT chanel iman or alek wek? IN YER FKIN DREAM!


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