Anna Wintour on TWITTER?? Masa seh?

What i like about twitter is that i can just follow Famous and Powerful people and see what theyre doin at that time. I was so excited when i found out that Anna Wintour (the Vogue America's Editor-in-Chief) has got one and i immediately followed her. but OhEmJee for purples sake what in hell did Anna tweet in there. I was SHOCKED. her tweets are like SO RUDE and full of her fetish of firing people. I Don't even know that anna fires people. Isn't firing people Donald Trumps Job? anyway i was having fun reading the tweets with the girls tho. It has like a hidden and unexpected humor implied on every tweet.
1 of my fav Anna's tweet,

I was so busy and mixed-up this morning that I talked into a brick and threw my cell phone at an assistant, instead of the other way around.
My insomnia is kicking in. I can't fall asleep, knowing there are ugly people in the world.
LOL, WHOEVER made that account, i'd have to say GOODJOB you there for makin my day. i couldn't stop LAFFING. You are SO brave faking an Anna Wintour. i think you shud be knighted. wanna see the tweet yerself? click here


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