X-Men Origins : Wolverine - EXCLUSIVE review

Another boring Monday for another movie. NOT so hiily anticipated tho.
X-men Origins : Wolverine, a prequel of the three of the previous X-Mens' movies. The movie was nothing but a LOUD, muscle-on-display, wars and numerous fights and actions of creepy mutants. ew. But the origins as the tittle suggests? not so MUCH. The movie did not deliver as much information as possible about The Wolverine. Because all i kno about the Wolv is that he had a half bro (victor) and as a kid he witnessed a murder in his household and he got into wars and then he served his country on a so-called mission to save millions of life that turned out to be a mere conspiracy. RITE be4 a torturous journey on a revenge of his beloved kyla which actually did not even die. Underwent a crazy medical experiment, Adamantium injection throughout his body, his claws were no longer a bunch of an old lady nails but a powerful cut-all solid metal claws. And thats it guys. It didnt even have a GOOD ending which is why i kinda hate this movie. But fer ya action lovers it would not be a waste of money..
Overall, i'll give wolverine 31/2 outta millions of stars out there in the sky.


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