Smorgas Madness

A few days ago, me and my gurls went to our fav cafe in sanur, smorgas. We had the BEST lunch ever served there. Potatoes wit a shitload of curry and a salad buffet + our fav desert sticky mud choc. yum. we were eating calmly(NOTTTT) when a white police came and order a glass of soda. A WHITE POLICE IN BALI???? DUH. talkin bout unfair justice! and the next thing we knew the buffet went out of veggies cuz we ate'em all.

sticky mud choc - this is 20k girls
The source of madness - people who passed it by would stop and stare and drop their jaws and some crazy people even took a pict of it. Hello? it was like so big and shiny like we've never seen anyshit as big as this thing
Yo sir! Good day sir. it is yer duty to bring justice back to life!!
neway. who wudve tot a lunch could turn into a total madness.


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