Dakota Fanning : in PUSH

A boring monday. Lets shake the stress away. With PUSH standin in my way.
yo i been soooo into makin crazy lyrics these days hahaha it doesnt have anything to do wit wat im gon write tho.

So me and the girls decided to watch PUSH. instead of Fast and Furious i dont know why. I kinda like glad they DID choose Push instead of Fast and Furious cuz my fersoha dakota fannings in there. And also camilla, ah noone can outfierce her..
basicle, This is just another movie about some crazy mutants with insane superpower and some evil villains. Most of the power are similar to wat they have in Heroes(the series) only differs in names. Like MOVERS? SNIFFERS? some silly names they got.. BLEEDERS? ya jokin ait. Even tho some reviews mentioned how good and how amazing this movie is, i found this movie sooo ordinary so plain aint no shit special. and worse is that this movie has the WORST ending ever. neway im not gon talk bout this movie much (the sets in CHINA, like the DOWNTOWN china no good) cuz i got somethin more exciting to talkbout. like dakota fanning?
like the First time she appeared in the movie i was like "DAMN this girl shinin her arse out". Look at THAT ferosha outfits she wears the whole entire movie. The blazer, the Recycle printed top., the shorts, AND the lced-up BOOTS, oh so delicious. and that Leopard Bag gives a Chic touch to it. I just couldnt stop sayin FIERCE FIERCE FIERCE to the girls.

So what about camilla's outfits?

trust me you dont wanna know... ghetto. thats all im gon say.
so overall, im just gon give this movie 3 stars outta million out there in the sky.
hafta to go to the Gym and work my ass off. BYE


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