Man and Boy : Exclusive after the big UNUD announcement


God, i have never been happier in my LIFE till today. The defining moment.Now i can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel. And now I'm definitely on top of the rocky mountain i been climbin' since oh since FOREVER. But the world doesn't end here. The butterfly has just hatched from its pupa and now is out to see the world. And i JUST got accepted @ Medical University Of Udayana and nothin else matters. Not even that bloody butterfly.

You know what? It's always been me dream to get into medical. It's not like a childish kinda dream where u just say what u wanna be witot really doin anyshit.It's the dream of the dream.i mean, DUH i worked my ASS off (my ass need a FRIGGIN rest nw) fer like 3 years nw hello? I worked SO very very very HARD fer the last 3 years. I been studyin EVERYDAY everynite unconditionally. I studied frem 9Pm to 11Pm and then i WOKE up @3 Am and continue to study! I drank CUPS AND CUPS of coffee i basically had coffee running in my blood vessels. I've NEVER flunked a subject (well i did.. but fer once or twice). Always helpin people(some) in my class on every exam(not EVERY exam but most exams). And now ya can say ANYTHING that cha want bout me and I'm not gon give ANY SHIT cuz lemme tell you, Me getting into medical WORTH every single hour of torturous study, EVERY single drop of coffee, EVERY spare time id lost, EVERY money my parents hd wasted fer school. It just WORTH IT.

My photograph, taken in front of my lovey campus a few months a go wit a lomographic camera by galih @ the Medical annual Open-House event. See that face? a face that was thinkin 'yeh this is my future baby. My future lies behind my ass. now snap it"

It was a really nervecrackin asskickin time a day b4 the announcement. It was like between life and death. Get in or Not and be dead. But deep down veeryy deeeeeep inside my deeepesssttt heart theres a tiny hole that KNOWS that im so gon get in. And hell yeah i got in didnt i tell ya?

See? thats defo my name listed on the list of the ppl that got accepted @ medical

And i DO think i been werqin too hard lately i been pushin myself so far beyond wat i could handle (12 hours of Intensive-Course a week + Ke rumah Siska EVRYDAY EVERYNITE studyin and gossipin, and we both GOT in) and i dont think i need to worry bout anyshit regarding my life in medical today..
66 beach. My own personal heaven

66 and Summer wait fer me cuz I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COMIN TO YA!


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