Blue and Gold

Urgh. can balinese wedding ceremony get any more boring? the crowd the heat the unmatching color of the women kebaya were just tooo much for me and my eyes and DEFO not good for my health. PLUS, i had to wear this traditional balinese outfit (well don't get me wrong, i EMBRACE balinese culture, i think Balinese People have like some seriously Unique and Mystique culture watsoever) wit a pair of shoulder-pads hangin there makin my shoulders looked crazily broader than ever. ew. lets just leave the 90s to where they belong..

NEWAY, i saw 2 kids, quiet kids, which i love, just standin there wearin what could possibly be theeee most perfect shade of color ever present in the history of forever. blue and gold. a perfect balance of ben hur blue tailored shirt wit golden buttons. it was just soo lovely.

i'll defo make 1 later.. britong army style!


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