The DJ Photoshoot + Exclusive Interviews with the Models

So tell me, if theres anything you can do, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, besides doing a crazy photo shoot @ DJ studio? i bet ya aint got no shittt to tell me! So me and my ferosha friends took a visit to a nearby photo-studio (on hayam wuruk street RITE next to circle K) for just another photo shoot in a million were gon do this summer (hey, summer starts RITE after UAN ends). it was fun fun funnn! it wasnt like that normal and lame photo-studio where all the models strike a pose on a Victorian-era style sofa. it was more like High-Fashion editorial kind of thing. we glammed up, literally. we put on some heavvvyy make ups and some killler outfits and we did it like every professional model always do, minus the designer clothes, minus the fashion-editor(we did every thing ourselves), minus this and minus that.. but still, WE WERQED IT!

Maria werqing it

Uh. Me. Looking the GHETTOEST outta the bunch. My theme was High-End Ghetto
Deshi and Maria
could i be any more ghetto?Spot the ghettoest !(from LtoR: Sam,Sandra,Eliz,Saknia,Me,Maria,Deshi)

Im giving big major gratitude and major love to the photographer galih and sam. u guys r the bestt witot u guys it ain gon happen. and also to the owner of the studio, who looks sooooo much like chris daughtry putting on 10 kilos(no offense!), for lending us the studio FER FRREEEEE, thank you big Love for you. and also to all of my friends, BIG MAJOR LOVE TO YA'LL!


Exclusive interview with two of my fiercest friends and models, Elizabeth and Maria. Lets hear what they think about fashion and find out why both of them LOVE the Balmain Spring/Summer of 2009 collections.


MANANDBOY: So, tell me what is it that you love about fashion?

ELIZ : I love the clothes. I absolutely love how you can express yourself through your clothes. How there are so many possibilities and how there are so many kinds of things. It doesn’t stay the same. There’s always something new and exciting going on with it.

MANANDBOY: Who is your favorite designer?

ELIZ : Um, I love balmain, the french house. And, I also like Zac Posen, I love Zac Posen. And I like some Alexander Wangs’ stuffs.

Alexander Wang FW 2010 and Balmain SS 2009

MANANDBOY: Your role model in the fashion industry?

ELIZ : Well, my fashion hero is Kimora Lee Simmons. She is who I ultimately want to be like. She is a fashion mogul and she has her own business and that’s what I want to do fo sho.

MANANDBOY: Describe your personal style in 3 words!

ELIZ : It’s sophisticated, and simple, but also chic.

MANANDBOY: Tell me your essential piece in your wardrobe right now!

ELIZ : Well, right now, my essential piece is a high-waisted skirt

MANANDBOY: You must have seen some of the reviews of the Spring-Summer 09 collections, right? Now, which designer do you think delivered the best collection?

ELIZ : Uh. Well I think, I love Stella McCartney

MANANDBOY: Why Stella McCartney?

ELIZ : It’s obviously because I love how she does very simple clothes, but very exquisite, so sophisticated and also rich in texture. It’s ready to go and she made some wonderful blazers which I love. And that’s why I think she’s the best right now.

MANANDBOY: Is there any Key or a NoteToSelf to be fashionable?

ELIZ : Well, you just have to have confident! You also have to know what works with your body and your personality!

MANANDBOY: Okay,so now a little bit of trivia. I’m going to say a name, and you’re going to say your reaction about that name, ready?

ELIZ : Okay.

MANANDBOY: Taylor Swift.

ELIZ : Country. I think she’s a little innocent, and her fashion icon is Cameron Diaz. So, uh, I don’t know about that!!

MANANDBOY: Sienna Miller.

ELIZ : Chic. Very London and very chic.


ELIZ : Uh, ghetto.And I would have to say Ghetto Fabulous!


MANANDBOY: So, tell me what is it that you love about fashion?

MARIA : Well, I love fashion because you can express what you’re feeling that day or what you’re going through with what yer wearing! It also expresses who you are as a person and it’s so vital, very Vital in you everyday living.

MANANDBOY: Who is your favorite designer?

MARIA : I have a lot of favorite designers! Like it changes through season, like what I se…

MANANDBOY: I mean, right now, like tell me 1 or 2 of them.

MARIA : Right now? I love Balmain, I love their jackets and their pants and I also love Marchesa and…

MANANDBOY: What do you love about Marchesa?

MARIA : The dresses! I just love the dresses! Their dresses, it’s just like a girls dream to have one of their dresses! And I also like, uh…

MANANDBOY: Herve Leger?

MARIA : Yes! I love Herve Leger. The bandage dresses are so in right now. And Stella McCartney, I love her for doing chloe also, and, uh, a little bit of Lanvin.

Stella McCartney

MANANDBOY: So, describe your own personal style in 3 words!

MARIA : It’s simple, and classic, and chic.

MANANDBOY: Is there any essential piece in your wardrobe right now?

MARIA : Yes! LBD. I think LBDs in every season at the day, in every year it’s in! it’s classic.

MANANDBOY: And, in your opinion, who did the best Spring-Summer’09 collections?

MARIA : The best SS’09 collections? Well, I’ve gotta say Balmain. I love it because it’s just so creative. It’s so innovative and they picked something So essential and they just Give it and Sparkle it and bedazzle it, like the jacket! The pointed army jacket, I really love it!

Balmain SS 2009

MANANDBOY: And your role model in the fashion industry?

MARIA : It would have to be Tyra Banks.

MANANDBOY: Tyra banks??? But why?

MARIA : Well, I think it’s because she just such a tycoon. She does everything and she picks everything herself and she just werqs it, you know, she just WERQS IT! And, so I love that she does controll her stuff and everything

MANANDBOY: A key to be fashionable?

MARIA : Dress as you are, as whatcha like and don’t go with the trend! Like, because no every trend goes witcha, so you have to be it! It can be you!

MANANDBOY: So now a little bit of trivia for you gurl. Now im gon give ya some names and ya gotta give a reaction to that name, ready?

MARIA : Okay


MARIA : Fabulous!

MANANDBOY: Lilly Allen

MARIA : Um. Quirky


MARIA : Well, uh, its like fashion but yet in her own way. It’s all her own way it doesn’t have to be with the trend.


MARIA: I’d have to say GHETTO TO THE MAX!

Gurl, as fierce as you guys are rite now, thers somethin about yer Role models in fashion tat tingles me.. KIMORA and TYRA? yo girl, BOTH are possibly the ghettoest model EVER born. TBH, i was expecting names like Anna Wintour, Lily Donaldson or wtever but name that goes all the way from the ghetto. but still, you guys ARE FIERCE and LOVE ya'll!!

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i love them. your friend maria and eliz.
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