scooter madness

ew. I just learned a lesson that we just CAN'T always get wat we want and we have noo idea about wat will happen to us and eveeerrything culd happen to ya ina minute. Lesson learned and the wheel keep turning, rite the killer?

Neway, i just had another bad day outta million im gon have(JIKPING pang joh). i was drivin my lil baby scooter on my way to the Gym (my bodys getting sooooooooooo outta shape and summers getting soooooooooooo effing close) when all of a sudden my back wheel leaked. HELLLOOOO?? talkin bout BAD LUCK?? In the middle of nowhere. Thank GOD i immediately found a garage and i quickly told the owner to fix my baby scooter. "the wheel leaked" i said. "yeh i can tell" he replied. DUH sir. DUHHH

like any other professional engineer, he quickly diagnosed that the wheels soo busted and i am soo gon need a new one. i said OKAY just fix it dude no matter wat it takes. But sadly he only had a used wheel. i asked him whether it was still in good condition or not and he said yes so i agreed to use it. thank god he started to fix the thing up. he did his job wit SUCH skill and grace only an experienced engineer culd do.

but GODAMMMIT he was SOOO DAMN SLOW. i was like yo OLD MAN CHOP CHOP I GOT A BODY TO BUILD AND YER WASTING MY TIME AND oh FOR CHRIST SAKE MOVE IT BOY, SNAP SNAP!!!!! it took nearly an hour fer him to get everything done and done.

see how this guy just touched the engine witot realllyy doin any shit.

but fterall he did his job and my baby cud walk again and i completed my torturous session in the gym! so, THX so much old man! big LOVE fer ya.


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