camera ready

i have killed my hobby for quite a while now, and somehow i want to revive it for the holidays ive been 'blessed' with. I only need a few additional 'gears' to boost up my mood, cause my old one is just way too standard. just standard. thing is, a good photographer should not be measured by their 'gears' but their 'skills' instead. It's gotten into everyone's skin. It's pretty hard here in bali to just kinda shoot people around without having them looking at you like you're a kind of wacko-freak with bad purposes. You know, the "hello? i dont wanna be shot, get lost. shoo" kinda look. but you know what? WHATEVAHHH.

what the hale am i afraid of, its not like im trying to do anything remotely bad rite?
my nikon has been sleeping for a bit too long. it's time to rise and shine, my little dawg. Lets hit those streets and pa pa parties.


elizabeth Rahajengsaid...

GO GET EM' BOYYY. omg just don't think about what other ppl say when you try to take pics of them. trust me, i know how u feel. it's akward at first but what the hell right? i did that once at grand indonesia and i actually made friends while doing it :)

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