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i don't know why, but i just feel like im so not myself this past 3 hours i spent browsing over reviews on iPad. yes, iPad. no, not your mums' iPads. You've probably heard of it somewhere between your days because if you haven't.... get out!
And i spent that 3 hours only to find that iPad is actually no better than iPhone. thoughts?
As some wack-jokes would say "yo momma so fat she uses an iPad as an iPhone"
i ended up obsessing over THIS
those sunnies and those dries!


The Starving Stylist said...

You're like me too. . .I spent HOURS researching about the iPad too. . .its a great price yes but I might just get a macbook instead. . .I don't know, I'm just as confused.


bravegrrl said...

ooooh dries, how i love thee...


Charleston said...

love the trousers


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