we just did our homeworks, now we're off to have some party JEALOUS?

I'm having a hard time to believe that it's been almost a YEAR since i dropped out of 6-months fashion course at the notorious Bali Art and Design College. Those design days were so glorious. Tons and tons of anatomy homeworks, textile homeworks, math, bio, phy as if there weren't enaff homeworks on my efing shoulder already. But the thing i miss the most from my D.D (design days) is obviously the fun we (me and my girls) had on ms.diddy's class. I just have to tell you that Ms. Diddy is THE BEST anatomy tutor EVER EVER.
She did not only fill us with fantastic anatomy-skill, but she also taught us everything we need to know about fashion. Fashion 101, as we liked to call it. (click to read more!)

Those 2 Fabulous illustrations were made by Maria(picture on the left) and Elizabeth(picture on the right) and oh how am i so proud of them!!. Ms. Diddy used to tell them how they had a very 'serious' and 'artistic' kinda drawings with intricate and fine details on every sketch. And i envied them because they were the only gurls who could obtain a big juicy 80% on anatomy, while i just could not get higher than 75%(but hey cut me some slacks my other friends got even lower than me. 75% was a major achievement IMO). My drawings, as Ms.Diddy once stated, were more 'Pop' more 'Fun' and less 'artistic'. I had to accept that because i realized that every single person has their own personal style and talent in which 1 need to embrace instead of envying other peoples talent!

Its such a shame that we dropped out of our design course. But we kinda glad we did that, because at that moment we were on our 2nd term of XII grade and College App constantly bothering us and i had a Full-Intensive 35hours a week course after school to prepare for my Big Early-App medical test (in which i miraculously passed) and that was it.... That was the end of our D.D! Now i'll just have to work even harder than i have before because my aim is to be a great dermatologist like that Fabulous Dr.Lisa Airan in her sterling Balmain.


The Starving Stylist said...

your drawings may be pop and fun but they are definitely stylistic and you are a lot more talented and artistic than others (*ahem* me) who couldn't even draw stick figures without screwing it up!

so keep up the fab work!

nycrun said...

nice drawings


yes i too miss miss didis class! ah those 7 to 9 hours just passed us by! ill always remember our time at ck bfore class started just chillin sippin our coffee..omg uya, you envied me?? are you kidding,i envied you! you were so creative in class and it took you just mere minutes to make a fabulous design (with color) whereas I took 10 min just to come up with a design! hha anyways your an amazing artist :) Im sure that you will succeed in anything you do, whether that be a fierce dermatologist or a hot designer. you go girl!

manandboys said...

@The Starving Stylist : Thanks so much! i think i'll start drawing again it's been almost a year nw!
@Nycrun : thanks.
@maria: Oemmgee.. miss those days where coffee was the only thing we ever send to our dying stomach. GOD. ive always envied you but now were even cuz we envy each other, anyway. miss u. x

Miiicha said...

SO NICE drawings!

Love M

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