glasses to die for - literally

I just broke my flamingo sunglasses. It is such a stupid accident i stupidly placed my baby flam in the very deep bottom of my backpack and then stupidly dumped a super duper thick business and bio text book over it. I thought i heard a 'crack' sound. Turns out i did.
Anyway, let my baby rest in peace shall we?

photo : jakandjil

Holy mary mother of God.
Wouldn't THAT Giuliano Fujiwara glasses be a perfect replacement to my late baby-flam. oh yeah they would. i would like DIE to land a hand on those, i would trade you my soul for'em. And for jezuth sake that guy looks straight out of jil sander ad aint he?
I am a very careless being when it comes to glasses. be it a sunglasses or an eyeglasses whatever you name it! I also never invest on glasses. Like why would you spend so much on something that you could get in a reasonable price?

IMO Lanvin showed the best glasses of the season. Pieces i would definitely invest my money on. But right now i am focusing my savings on these Prada or Dolce&Gabbana eyeglasses, whichever comes cheaper.

Being in medical demands me to always look fashionably genious at any moment at any price. And the right eyeglasses are VITALLLLLL. The only question is DO i really need a pair when i have one of the Healtiest pair of eyes a human could ever own?


nycrun said...

love the ones on the blond guy

nycrun said...

manandboys said...

i love em all :)
btw FANTASTIC blog u have there.
i'll drop a comment soon.

somedaynewyorker said...

I am in love with round sunglasses. Small roundsunglasses. Like the ones in the jakandjil photo.

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