the worldwide blast

oh god i DO NOT want to be infected by those so called FAT stupid H1N1 a.k.a Swine Flu a.k.a Piggie flu a.k.a Mexican flu. It's all over the news that Indonesia, especially Bali the island in where i am living rite now, has been struck by that virus. I have a friend who has a brother who got infected CREEEEEPPPPYYY. i think it's time for me to wear that VERY bluish greenish silly mask.

Why do bad things (3 knocks on wood) constantly happening to US? Are we wrong tat we demand nothing more than peace. And may GOD send u to the deepest HELL to those suicide-bombers(effing terrorists) who had recently BOMBED the Ritz Carlton Hotel in which the Manchester United squad were supposed to be staying for their 09 Asia Tour in Indonesia. In result they canceled the tour, and hundreds and thousands of devoted United fans shaded their tears. F you! And my friend from Holland told me earlier when we had 1 of the MOST expensive lunch at Ifiori (mental note: to NEVER EVER go there EVER EVER again, 7$ burger) that the night-clubs (in Bali) wouldn't let coloured people IN the club to have some fun, because we are suspicious of carrying explosive materials. And here i am, being one of those so damn bright colourful people. I hope the policy will not last for long.. i Hope Bali is going to be safe. I will never ever forget that Board from Mr.President proudly quoting


oh jesuz crith. It takes more than a bomb to scare us away, it takes more than a stupid night-club policy to ban us from having some fun(but we plead). You stupid terrorists will see. We are soooooo not afraid of you! And karma is YOUR bitch, loser.
oh GOD this is one of my most controversial entry so far.



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