Dog-eared books are piling up my room

I have no idea why did i even stop reading those books in the first place! Maybe its because of Summer(i been spending most days lurking around beaches or doing photoshoot) or Fashion Magazines(spcialy the free give-away 1) seem to be more interesting than books scribbled with tiny words.Sorry to say, but I am no bookworm with a horn-rimmed glasses carrying around 5kilos worth of paper and ideas...

1. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (John Gray)
I am in no relationship breakdown, im not even dating anyone ATM,basically i just don't know how this book got into my bookshelves im downrite clueless.
2. The Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini)
It's a magnificent magnificent book. I wept at pretty much every chapter of it. But once the story went too far from my pure expectation, i fashionably stopped.
3. Hard Love (Wittlinger)
I haven't even started this one yet... No interest watsoever
4. The Miracle of Enzym (Dr. Hiromi Shinya)
My Dad had this idea about reading a shitload of medical-related books for my further study relevance.. Dad please, one that points out that life is nothing but your gastrovascular digestive system is enough already!
5. The One Hundred (Nina Garcia)
Probably the 1 i'll continue as soon as i have the time to.. Nina is brilliant! I'm still waiting for the Sartorialist book tho(get the pre-order price in amazon NOW. thx to bryanboy!). My consumerism related to anything fashion and fabulousity is way beyond insanity.


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