le hair!

marc jacobs is giving me a wee bit of headache at this moment. It is both a good type of headache and a bad one. the bad one is, i'm not realllly a big fan of his latest collections (marc by MJ fall/winter 2010) because to me they are just a yawn yawn wa wa. (some pieces are magnificent of course, but in general they just don't make sense to me. at all. and please don't hate me for this!) and the good one, i love how marc did his male models hair. it's sort of like messy bangs in the front and a morning-after kinda hairdo in the back. Maybe he was trying to reinvent the notorious "mullet" in an edgy modern kinda approach. and it werqed! magically!
still remember the picture of the 'bowl hairdo guy' i posted a couple months ago? Well i think this whole marc jacobs hairdo mayhem is inspired by the 'bowl hairdo guy' on one morning after a hugeass party 5months after he got his bowl hairdo. That would explain the messy bangs in the front and the morning-after hairdo in the back, no? just sayin.
while im writing this post, im kinda trying to picture myself in that hairdo, and when the time comes (which is when my hair is long enough) i wish i would already be able to picture myself werqing the look with no quirkiness whatsoever. fingers crossed, toes crossed, buttcheeks crossed.


Danielle Barbe said...

it does work... who knew that the bowlcut would make a comeback and *gasp* look so good.


wecouldgrowup2gether said...



Well, im waiting to for my hair to be long enough to do smthg like that :)

Style Bird said...

I love these pics!

Charleston said...

i wish i could tame my hair to adopt blunt fringes like these


ryder said...

not excited about latest work as well

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