Dark Lady

Having learned the history of medicine, now i know the unjustified contribution of Rosalind Franklin on inventing the basic structure of the DNA.. The nobel was awarded to Watson and Crick only.
The unsung hero.
this post is dedicated to you, Rosy.
may you always be The Dark Lady of DNA

Speaking of DNA,we human, 99,5 % of our genes are actually similar to each other. It is the 0,5% that differs us.
scary huh? how u look in the mirror thinking 'hey i 99,5% look like Luke Worral, except that my noses bigger, my eyes wider, my thighs even much bigger and my face is not exactly angular and so on and so on"
just saying. ha


Lilian Mp said...

haha you so funny :D


mariaaa said...

OMG so that means our genes are 99.5 % similar to DORA'S??
i think imma faint.

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