yet another roof roof roof top. our delirium

Ooooh holy mary mother of gawd. Wat in hell could these ferosha gurls possibly doin?

We are such POSERS. This was a bit random tho.. We were supposed to b havin a Cooking Lesson (classic italian lasagna) at 4, and while we wait(the honorable chef was yet to arrive) we decided to do some amateur-twilightinspired-outtastevenmeiselphotograph kinda photoshoot. On a friken rooftop. HA! We played dress-up a bit. A little attitude with a tounge-in-cheek kinda thing. watev

things started to go wild. DT took off his top, i wore Marias top as a poncho, the sun burned us up, we were so vloody hungry, the leather jackets soakin with sweat like CRAP. oh boy. madness.

Thanks to our extreme poses, by the time cookin lesson started we were so exhozted our lasagna tasted fashionably shitty.

Special thanks! Maria (leopard blouse), Eliz (floral skirt), gegda my photographer partner (PVC legging), Fonny (delic dress YUM), DT (for being skinnily topless), and fitri (the best cooker, but somethin went obviously wrong.)


fonny said...

hahhaa , good job UY

dirtyditi said...

Love it!
theyre FABULOUS! thx Mr for the photograph.


FEROSHA. JUST ABSOLUTELY 100% FEROSHA. keep up the good work !!!


oohh fierce!
i will deff be missing these photo sessions with u uya!!..we have soo much fun doing these ! craziness but i love it!

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