Summer Breeze : my girls are laafffin it.

66 Beach, the holy mother of all beaches. Runs along the balis' southern gulf. It has no beginning and no end.

just click the shiitt!

We bitches LOVE to just stroll around the beach. Protected in SPF-50(for 5 year-old toddlers) no sun could take our ass down. I mean of COURSE there are a lot of fun stuffs that you can do there, like surfin and boogie boardin, but at that moment the waves weren't really supportive and we went a lil bit too late (it was like 4 P.M) and it was football day so...... INSTEAD, lurkin in our seat would do just as great as wanderin lookin fer some argentinian footballers. HAH! 66 beach perfectly suits us sinner. And may god forgives the middle-aged moms who had a pretty lame idea that tannin meant exposin their gigantrous tits with no mercy in front of us innocent lil kids.

girl. this is our home for the next 2 months!


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