Dentist is my NBF. Orthodontist is soon to be NBF.

I bet none of u guys know that my teeth are so totally busted. Not all of em tho. Only the two front (dunno what theyre calld) and the almost right below corner whatevs. Okay. TBH. MY


why am i confessing this on the blog? god may forgive his faithful prayer.


So I had this terrible terrible accident when i was still in primary school grade 4. I stumbled and fell my face hit the frigin ground first. With god's forsaken bless i fucked up my teeth. Theyre bleeding and broke into lil disgusting susan-boyle's like fraction. EW.
My parent's instinct toldem to take me to the not-the-typical-nearest Hospital. WRONG MOVE. The inexperienced nurse plainly Diagnosed that my teeth cannot be "resurrected"(otherwords theyre dead) and in need of immediate "action of replacement"(otherwords take em out and plug a pair of brand new bugs-bunny teeth). My parents were like no no.yo nurse you MORON. How do you even breath? Youre just speaking on behalf of the absent doctor and ya got no rite watsoever regarding the shit yer trying to mess wit my Sons teeth. were outta here.


Finally we found a dentist that could fix those teeth probs. And up until now (for almost 7 years) i still need to visit him once in a while to check on how my teeth are doin what shits i been eatin and the Qtions go on and on and on and susan boyle on and on.


Not that im scared or wat. It's just, this dentist, He is SO GREAT he is SO Smart and So CLEVER he knows everything. He knows that i LOVE to eat a frozen choc and he banned me from eating it more rite away. Seriously a dentist can be a big jerk in a sec. But he is SO intimidating. i AM scared of him not because he's scary (his face glows anything but scaryness, you kno like that old guy in KFC kinda face) but because how his presence and his comments affected me even tho hes not directly talkin to me. The rooms SO WHITE so CLEAN the utensils are all very WHITE and he has like this BIG microscop to get a BIG wide FLAT-TV view of my busted teeth that he no longer had to see my gorges face. And god-knows-why does he always put SO MANY shits on my mouth, like this saliva sucker and shit sucker and lil drill OH MY GOD like a million building construction gadget stuffed into my big luscious sexy mouth. Nothing i call inspirational. But thx god my next appointment is yet till next frgin month. And i have a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bad feeling that hes gon stick a FUCKIN BRACE on my teeth.


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