Mad Mad Money.

If i have to recall, every silly moments that happened to me came at such an unexpected time in such an unexpected place. I clearly know that bad things cannot be avoided, it just happened! And the good thing about bad thing is that you LEARN. seriously.
I was hangin' out wit my friend, also a fellow blogger, Samantha , we went to Warung Ocha, talked about things and tried to sabotage as much WI-FI as possible. since its fuh-ree. Warung Ochas SO COZY the foods good and they come at an affordable price. No need to splurge 10Thou for a bottle of FRkin Aqua. Here is a snap of a random Papua People lookin unhealthy-ly skinny over at warung ocha, and a photo of me and samantha (excuse the Blur!!)

By the way. I was trying to withdraw some money from the Mandiri ATM. As u guys prolly know i am kinda new to this kinda money transaction, so a few mistakes are expected. But the mistake that i just made was just way out of logic. I tried to cash-out 50K cuz my gas was running so low and i need to buy chips and stuffs, but i STUPIDLY mistaken 500K as 50k it was CRAZY i immidiately panicked the shit outta my ass. But i tot, well i can restore the money later can't i, and while i was thinkin of a way to tell my momma about it, they money came AND they went all over the fuckin place. IT was insane. People outside saw what happen and they prolly tot i was some kinda weirdo tryina hack inside the ATM.. i mean, hello? Samantha of course laughed her ass off.


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