EXCLUSIVE! inside the Hastosaday.blogspot.com "Alice in Wonderland" Photoshoot.

Familiar with hastosa the photographer? i mentioned him in one of my entries when we did this studio photo shoot and i had that interviews wit the models? well he kinda had this photo shoot project with "alice in wonderland" as the theme. He tagged me along wit him so i can watch and learn a thing or two about photography, a field in which i am not really familiar with. YET. Also comin wit us, hastosa's bestfriend benji wit her super profe nikon. I was tryin to keep up wit wat they were doin but benji and hastosa were SOOO into it i kinda just got left behind. So the shots that i did were all out of theme. Regardless of the Moustache Girl that told us to pay 500k to do this kinda shoot, we had SO MUCH FUN! SCREW you BITCH im gon shave all of yer moustache once i see yer stupid fat face again.

HA. here are the pics frem my not-so-newly purchased D60 Nikon wit a totally ZERO skill about photography.
While hastosa and benji did their own Alice thang, i concentrated to shoot the models in a high fashion kinda way. you know, showing details of the clothes while lookin absolutely gorges.I defo need to do more of this!


Benjoan Kiko said...

waw waw waw
gr8 uya! love it! the next top photographer ni..

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