On The Street, Sanur, Bonsai Cafe

i was strollin down the bonsai cafe on my way to Circle K to get a gulp of fresh drink when i got these 2 beautiful model-like ladies droppin my effin jaw down. It might not be as fashion as what the Vogue mag would offer but it is surely a one-of-a-kind personal style.

Eliz: yellow is definitely a color that would look just good when yer hangin around in bali. But not so many people can pull a yellow as its a very strong and vivid color. But she definitely pulled the shit off.
Maria: blues always been my fav color. Most of my polos are in blue and its families (turqoise, and midnite, and so on) but it's not THAT easy to wear a head to toe blue without lookin to much like Pegawai PAM u need an extra splash of other color. The nude color belt gave a chic touch to the whole look.

good job girls!



omg thaxx uya!..i love ur blog.hahahah
ur new camera is great btw. such an upgrade..hha
xoxo maria

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